About us

BaliWood – it’s a cozy home always waiting for you. You can find environmentally friendly design, art, fashion and cultural symbiosis sprawling Far East.

BaliWood’s range exclusiveness – recycled teak wood, mango wood and ironwood solid furniture, doors, shutters, passed many years of weather and climate changes and preserved hard and rude texture of natural surfaces. Once used for marinas floorings, houses, boats and boat manufacturing, today, this very durable wood – life, reborn to life in the new furniture and interior forms. We offer a choice of antique or newly made ​​rare wood products.

Wide range of handmade copper products: lighting, wash basins, baths, mirror frames, vases, various minor interior details. Also lava stone, onyx, marble and fossilized wood washbasins, bathtubs, bathroom accessories, teak mats. Terracotta products – a variety of colours, sizes and shapes of vases, candlesticks, coffee tables. Some interesting rattan furniture and plenty of handmade rattan products – baskets, trays, coasters and laundry or storage boxes. Handcrafted lighting (hanging or floor lamps) comes in various sizes, shapes and colours, decorated with textile or without. Textiles – cushions, tablecloths, bed covers and other traditional Indonesian batik fabrics. The newly constructed units or antique statues, masks, wall decorations.

BaliWood is waiting for everybody seeking conceptual indoor and outdoor furniture, individual interior solutions, handcrafted lighting, interior details, original ceramics and naturally dyed textiles.

By cooperating with qualified architects and interior designers, Bali Wood provides interior and exterior design services. We can create a unique and exquisite interior design for shops, for restaurants, hotels and your home.